Lenovo and Windows 11 Security

alshardware, May 18, 2023

With #Lenovo and Windows 11, security makes the difference! 🙌 Check out this infographic to discover 5 ways Lenovo and Windows 11 can help you secure your hybrid environment. 🔐 This includes measures like zero-trust security, powerful hardware-based security, malware protection, and more. Contact Al’s Hardware & Software House at (570) 288-3455 to learn more.

Is a traditional scanner or rugged device better for your warehouse?

alshardware, May 9, 2023

Which is better: traditional warehouse scanners or #Samsung rugged mobile devices? 🤔 Read this article to find out! Hint: Rugged mobile devices have functionality and value that goes well beyond barcode scanning. If you have questions, get in touch with Al’s Hardware & Software House at (570) 288-3455.

The Definitive Guide to Warehouse Efficiency


Here’s the definitive guide to warehouse efficiency with #Samsung Knox and rugged mobile devices! 💡 Check out this white paper to learn how to increase efficiency with warehouse management systems on Samsung rugged mobile devices. 📈 Reach out to Al’s Hardware & Software House at (570) 288-3455 for more details.

Lenovo ThinkVision T34-w30 Monitor: See more, achieve more.


Amplify your productivity with this immersive curved display from #Lenovo! At 34″, this display draws you in and lets you see all the details. 🙌 It also offers loads of great features—including all the ports you could need, VoIP support, and more. Watch this video to see it in action—and contact Al’s Hardware & Software House with questions at (570) 288-3455.

Lenovo ThinkVision P49w-30 Monitor: Ultra-wide curved to boost productivity


See more and achieve more with #Lenovo wide and ultra-wide monitors! 👀✨ Watch this video to get a look at the beautiful ThinkVision P49w-30 curved display. This incredible 49″ display has all the features you need and want. To learn more or order yours, reach out to Al’s Hardware & Software House at (570) 288-3455.

Lenovo Premier Support Overview

alshardware, April 25, 2023

Go to the front of the line with #Lenovo Premier Support! 🙌 This solution gives you access to priority troubleshooting via a dedicated phone number, plus next-day access to parts, and many more great advantages. Watch this video to learn more—and reach out to Al’s Hardware & Software House with questions. Call us today at (570) 288-3455.

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